There are 196 spaces in the main retail development. Additional spaces are spread around the area, with the restaurants and shops nearby having their own parking, supplemented by the supermarkets having their own large car parks with hundreds of spaces. It's possible to reach all parts of the overall area on foot, with a pedestrian crossing available to get across the main road safely.

Please be aware of individual supermarket's parking conditions of parking there; these are usually signed on site, as fines can be issued for overstaying or leaving your car to visit other shops.


The development itself does not have dedicated toilet facilities, however facilities are available at

  • Sainsbury's
  • Tesco
  • Marks and Spencer
  • Boots
  • Costa
  • McDonald's
  • Starbucks
  • KFC
  • March Hare

Please note: some retailers may reserve their facilities for customer use only.

Petrol stations and car wash

There are two petrol stations; one at Tesco, and one at Sainsbury's which includes a car wash. There is also an IMO car wash nearby which offers a full range of valet services.